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Hip-Hop Artists Becoming Legit With Social Media

5 Easy Techniques

Social Media Building the Hip-Hop Brand

Independent Hip-Hop artists all over the world are becoming legitimate players in the hip-hop industry. Why is this? The answer is simple, they are using social media to promote their brand. As new and up-and-coming artists make their music they form a style. This style stretches from the beats they use in the background, to their lyrics, and the way they sound, dress and look. This style in the marketing world is their brand and the fastest and easiest way to get any brand in front of millions of people is social media.

Five Techniques

Below are five techniques that Hip-Hop artists have used to help build and promote their brand. With a few tweaks, these techniques can be used in any industry to sell products, engage with customers, and build a brand.

  1. Picking Fights 

Hip-Hop artists are known for starting heated arguments amongst each other on Twitter. This not only helps bring attention to their brand but the brands of the other parties. The controversy opens the opportunity for fans and followers to engage with the artist and argue different viewpoints. Everyone knows the troublemakers.

I bet you’re asking yourself right now why would I want to pick a fight? The answer getting noticed. While picking fights is conventionally viewed as a bad idea, marketing with social media is not always viewed as conventional. Starting a friendly feud on Twitter, Facebook, etc. can help get your brand noticed and get engagement. Just like Hip-Hop artists use this technique to get attention and engagement you can too.  Remember to do this tastefully, the last thing you want to do is offend someone.

  1. Saying Something

Engaging with their fans is a sure way for Hip-Hop artists to gain a big following. When fans mention an up-and-coming artist in a post and the artist engages in that post, the fans will often follow the artist and tell their friend. Word of mouth can spread like wildfire.

Networking is the number one way that businesses and professionals connect with one another. How do I go about doing this? The same way Hip-Hop artists do, start a conversation. The best way to start is to find like-minded people and communities to engage with. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc. all have a search option. Using the search option can help you search for key terms to find an individual or group. Then all you have to do is SAY SOMETHING.

  1. Endorsing Others

One of the fastest ways for new Hip-Hop artists to make it big is by endorsing and being endorsed by others. When an up-and-coming artist starts to endorse and gets endorsed by others they become legitimate. This is because they are now being recognized in their community as someone being worth paying attention too.

In the business world, many companies endorse each other through partnerships and affiliations. This is a great way to get attention for your product or band. Just like Hip-Hop artists, if the world sees that you endorse or are being endorsed by others you are more likely to be viewed as a reputable brand. A good way to start as a professional is through LinkedIn. You can list skills and other professionals can endorse these skills. Start by listing your top 5 skills and endorsing other professionals you know that have good skills. Chances are if you’re good enough they will endorse you back.

  1. Using Audio and Video

Hip-Hop artists are known for putting out short music videos and clips of their new music across all forms of social media. This is how they get found, often in the early days their content will go unseen, however, all it takes is one big influencer to endorse them to go viral.

The business world works the same way. Putting out videos about your brand or product will get better engagement with your audience. In 2017 76.5% of small business marketers reported video as having a direct impact on their businesses. While the video world is booming for marketers, audio, such as with podcasts, is just starting to gain some traction. However, the video world can get quite cluttered, while the podcast world can be less cluttered and a great way to get your content out. Check out Anchor, it’s a new social media platform that allows you to create your podcast and publish it all in one convenient app.

  1. Performances

Hip-Hop artists are in the entertainment business and what better way to entertain people than with performances. Many up-and-coming Hip-Hop artists are utilizing live streaming to allow fans all over the world to be a part of their performance. This allows them to engage with their fans in a new way and increase their brand awareness.

I bet you’re asking yourself how am I going to perform? I own a business. The answer is simpler then you think. Businesses can host live webinars where they can engage with their customers just like Hip-Hop artists. These webinars can offer valuable information and the best part is you can even charge admission. Live Cams are also becoming a popular way to show off your brand. It is as simple as setting up a webcam in an interesting part of your business and allowing viewers to see your day-to-day operation. Services like Earth Cam can help you to accomplish this and give your business transparency while allowing you to engage your followers.

Social Media Marketing is Here to Stay 

Hip-Hop artists are their own brand and so are you. No matter what industry you are in, your business is a brand. With these simple techniques, Hip-Hop artists have made it big in their industry. You can too by taking these same techniques and tweaking them a bit. Social Media Marketing is here to stay and those who adapt will survive and those who don’t are irrelevant.