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Driving Forces in Digital Marketing

The digital marketing world is all about one word: change. It is important to be able to change your tactics and approach to adapt to a growing and changing consumer base. The first step in this adaptation is utilizing the internet.

The consumer tells you what they want

Now more than ever, the consumer is in charge of what they see online. When a need arises, the consumer will do an internet search for the product or service. Social media gives the consumer a voice that they can use to speak with the brands directly. This two-way communication allows brands to provide excellent service on and offline. Social media also gives consumers the ability to openly review the brand, which depending on the review, is beneficial to the brand. Giving consumers the ability to like, comment and share not only indicates what the individual consumer wants, but what the collective consumer base wants.

The right consumer is targeted

Because the consumer chooses what they experience online, their information is recorded and used for ad purposes. Not only that, but the social media accounts that the consumer has are used by brands to target them. Brands now advertise on social media and even have their own social media accounts to target a certain audience. For instance, running a Facebook ad campaign not only targets Facebook users who follow that brand, it also gives the brand free demographic and reach reports.

Social media is beneficial for targeting the right consumers and opening up a two-way communication system where the consumer tells the brand what is working, not the other way around. Brands that utilize social media prove that they are adapting to these changing times and change is what marketing is all about.