3 Reasons Why You Need a Website

Thinking about creating a website? As a good business owner, I’m sure you’ve weighed the pros and cons, but did you even consider the little things?

Here are three reasons why creating a website is the best move you can make.

  1. Your customers expect it:

It’s 2017. Everywhere you look, people are using some sort of digital device. Why not be a part of that?

Your website acts like a first impression. You want to make a good first impression, right? Not having a website dampens this impression of your business. A recent survey, conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres, a London-based global market research firm, found that six out of ten customers expect that businesses provide their content on a digital platform, and more than half go straight to the website for more information.

Besides, in today’s age, everyone has a website, even your competitors. Do you really want to lose business just because you don’t have a website? That seems silly, but it’s true. By not having a website, today’s customers may see you as digitally incompetent and may not way to waste their time trying to gather the same information that a website could provide. That is, if they can find your business at all.

  1. It gives potential customers something to refer to:

When you talk on the phone or send an email, is that really all you are doing? I mean, when you talk on the phone, aren’t you doing something else too? Like walking around or doing dishes?

The good thing about having a website is that your information is laid out for your prospective customers. This way, if they are doing something other than looking at your business, they can go back and refer to the information. They don’t have to write anything down or memorize tons of points. They just need your URL and they’re good to go.

Websites provide the customer with a plethora of information. Who will they be working with? What services or products does this company provide? Why is this company better than others? How can I contact them? All this information is on your website.

Testimonials and reviews are great to display on your website because a lot of customers base their decisions on what the reviews have to say. 90 percent to be exact.

Most importantly, websites give you a platform to brag about your business.

Websites also keep you in constant contact with customers. Having a business email or a messaging system allows you to hear what your customers need even when you can’t immediately call them back.

Bottom line, if your customers have everything laid out in front of them, then they are more likely to retain that information and refer to it when they are in need of your services.

  1. Customers can find you easily:

The best way to find customers is for them to find you.

People still take word-of-mouth recommendations from their friends and family, but most of the time people use Google.

Let’s be real for a moment. When you search for something on the internet, you rarely scroll onto the 2nd or 3rd search page, right? So why would your customers? By not having a website, you are allowing your competitors to push you further and further down on the search list.

Instead of having customers type a basic search into Google and getting a million and one results, you want them to be able to pick you out of the line-up. Websites are perfect for this.

Having your own domain name means that people can immediately access your information. Even if they don’t remember your exact domain name, they can type your business into Google and your website will be found.

You want customers to know you exist, make it easy for them.